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  • 03 Ocak 2021, 11:01

The German First Lady Visited Us.

The German First Lady visited us. She gave gifts to our children during his visit. She invited us to his country. We said as soon as possible.

  • 02 Ocak 2021, 14:16
  • Murat BERKSUN


We added colors to the lives of children through our volunteers who joined us in the past years. We thank them very much. You will always remain vo

  • 03 Ocak 2021, 11:07

No Violence Against Women

Violence is a word that has been translated into Turkish from Arabic; It comes from the root "şdd" which me

  • 03 Ocak 2021, 11:11

April 23 is Joyful

Yıldırım Beyazıt Primary School has become a real home for our children. With his manager, teachers.

  • 03 Ocak 2021, 11:08

No Violence

Do not try to educate your children. Because they will look like you anyway ... Just train yourself ....

Ibn Khaldun