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Our association was built in 2002 for supporting kids or youths who live or work on the street, their familys, people who are disabled to reach social facilities or are faced with negative discrimination, short: Individuals in Difficult Conditions. Our association, which was named "Supporting Association for the BEHICE EREN Youth Center" before, had to change it's name to the current after the laws changed. At first our association's work was concentrated on Familys who were


We All Need Us All.

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Our Events

Clean Up The World

We cleaned Mühye Village by attending the Clean Up The World event with our children. Let's keep our world clean.


Our Successful Volunteers

We have had volunteers from different countries since 2005. We loved them all. They loved us too.


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Would you like to meet the European Solidarity Program ESC?

  • 03 Ocak 2021, 11:01

The German First Lady Visited Us.

The German First Lady visited us. She gave gifts to our children during his visit. She invited us

  • 02 Ocak 2021, 14:16
  • Murat BERKSUN


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Our Powerful Partners

We set out with them. They told us you are never alone.